Sunday School

Class – Fellowship Hall

10am on Sundays in the Fellowship Hall we have a multigenerational Sunday School available that in late February began a journey on Understanding the big picture storyline of the Bible

Class – Fellowship Hall

10am on Sundays in the Fellowship hall our newest multigenerational Sunday School is currently studying the major doctrines of the Bible

Ladies Only

Wednesdays at 5pm Starting March 1st! Women of the Word: How to Study the Bible with both our Hearts and our Minds by Jen Wilkin

Class – Sanctuary

NEW CLASS 10am on Sundays starting April 16th in the back of the sanctuary our newest multigenerational Sunday School will begin a 5-week “lecture style” class on Apologetics: Common Questions and Answers about Christianity. Taught by Pastor Ryan. Each class session largely stands on its own so even if you can’t make every week, you won’t “be behind.”

Class – Kids Sunday School

10am our Kids class is studying Bible stories together. Later this year, we are planning on beginning a curriculum plan that will teach kids through the story of the entire Bible in about 3 years. Parents/Guardians need to check their kids in and out of Sunday School.

Special Studies

Coming Soon!

Apologetics Panel Night Q&A: Questions and Objections to the Christian Faith October 15 6-8pm (find video recording here)

Special Sunday Night Series: Old Testament Survey Jan-Mar 12th 2023 @5pm (find audio recordings on our podcast)

Men’s Conference March 25th 2023 8:30-4:30 in Potosi Sign up here

Apr 5th “Understanding Passover” special community event 7pm

Apr 7th  Good Friday Service 7pm

Financial Peace class… TBA